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water treatment equipment & storage (3589-wt)

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water treatment equipment & storage (3589-wt)

overview of water treatment equipment & storage (3589-wt)

— the water and wastewater treatment equipment industry is mainly characterized by technologies such as disinfection, filtration, distillation, testing, and others. the main applications of these technologies are in municipal and industrial sectors. disinfection comprises of water purification to limit waterborne diseases and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in its distribution. major disinfection technologies include chlorination, ozonation, and uv light. water desalination refers to process of removal of salt from saline water to make it consumable for various applications. this can be applied to to sea, brackish or river water. water testing equipment is required for both industrial and municipal water treatment. the industrial processes that consume water always require specific grades of water. this grade of water is determined by measuring parameters such as ph, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen content, and content of other dissolved compounds namely ammonia, microbial count, etc. industrial water needs to be tested at two stages. firstly, as influx water, where the specific grade or quality is tested using testing instruments. water filtration equipment is required for pre-treatment of industrial and municipal water filtration as well as filtration effluent water. filtration equipment range from table top portable water filters to scaled up specific systems which are customized according to the requirements of any particular industry. food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and pulp & papers are a few such industries which require filtration equipment for water treatment. products such as tygon® c-210a are used in tube-type oil skimmers for wastewater purification.

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