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uhmw angle

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overview of uhmw angle

uhmw angle - thanks to its extremely low coefficient of friction (0.14), uhmw easily outperforms steel in sliding applications. its inherent lubricity minimizes the heat-generating friction, which gradually destroys steel parts, and ensures smooth, noiseless operation. uhmw also withstands sand, grit, and corrosion at sub-zero temperatures.

not only does the plastic withstand the constant abrasive friction of the vehicle's traction drive belt high-speed drive chain, it must perform in an extremely harsh environment. uhmw stands up to sand, grit, water and ice that would quickly destroy a lesser material. and it does it at sub-zero temperatures.
  • 10 foot lengths will be cut in half for shipping, unless otherwise requested.
  • additional shipping charges may be applied in the event that customer cannot use 5 foot lengths

    this kind of durability, low friction and wear resistance are key reasons why uhmw is the material of choice in so many other applications such as:
  • logging & pulp - conveyor wear plates;
  • automotive - rider plates for assembly lines;
  • iron ore production - idler rollers for conveyors;
  • bottling & canning - guide shoes for palletizers;
  • waste water treatment - wear strips and shoes.
  • features and benefits of uhmw angle

    standard color is white. other colors are available upon request
    (uhmw angle) uhmw angle

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