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tygon® se-200 inert tubing

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overview of tygon® se-200 inert tubing

tygon® se-200 tubing (aka versilon® se-200 inert tubing):
without sacrificing the flexibility, glass-like clarity or outstanding bend radius for which tygon® tubing is known, tygon® inert tubing can handle many applications where flexible tubing of the past could not be used. its fep inner liner provides the ultimate in chemical resistance and can handle a wide variety of fluids from corrosives to mek-based solvents. the liner is inert, meaning it will not extract or contaminate fluids being transferred. the fluid path will not impart odor or taste, making it well-suited for food and beverage use. it meets fda criteria for food and beverage applications, as well as usp class vi criteria for biocompatibility.

tygon® inert tubing combines all the benefits of tygon® with the inertness of a fluoropolymer, providing superior performance in many applications and industries.

typical applications: - chemical processing - pharmaceutical processing and filling - paint and solvent production and packaging - adhesive transfer lines - semiconductor processing - photographic processing equipment - beverage dispensing - ink and toner feed lines - fertilizer and pesticide distribution

features and benefits of tygon® se-200 inert tubing

tygon® se-200 inert tubing (versilon® se-200 inert tubing) features
  • crystal clear for easy visual flow monitoring
  • better flexibility than typical rigid fluoropolymer tubings
  • chemically resistant and inert
  • non-contaminating fluid path
  • meets usp class vi criteria for biocompatibility.
  • (tygon se-200) tygon® se-200 inert tubing

    tygon versilon se-200 datasheet

    aka versilon® se-200 inert tubing
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