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overview of turcite®

— turcite® is a high-quality, internally lubricated material that is ideal for applications with demanding wear and friction requirements. its low water absorption enables components made with turcite® to retain their integrity over long periods.

turcite® rods comes in two standard grades:
  • turcite® ais a resilient formulation that performs well under vibratory and dynamic loading. this material is similar to delrin® af, but made from copolymer resin to avoid centerline porosity.this grade exhibits higher wear resistance than turcite® x.
  • turcite® xhas minimal hygroscopic characteristics and low thermal expansion properties, resulting in a structurally stable material. this grade excels in low load and high-speed applications due to it'shigh pv rating and lower coefficient of friction than turcite® a.

    turcite® b slydwayis a linear bearing material used in machine tools to improve efficiency through low friction and reduced stick-slip effect in transitions while maintaining positioning accuracy and vibration damping.

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