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spiral cut tubing - cable wrap

calculate tubes cost for spiral cut tubing - cable wrap

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calculate tubes cost for spiral cut tubing - cable wrap

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    minimum order: $25 usa, $150 canada/mexico/pr/vi, $250 international
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overview of spiral cut tubing - cable wrap

spiral cut tubing is available from 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 . this plastic tubing is spirally cut to create an expandable cable harness. it is available in a wide variety of materials and sizes.
  • polyethylene spiral cut tubing - ideal for general applications, this lowcost material is highly abrasion resistant and is not affected by most solvents. also available in ultraviolet resistant black (for outdoor use), and many colors.
  • fire-resistant polyethylene spiral cut tubing - suitable for applications requiring a self-extinguishing material that costs less than nylon or tfe.
  • nylon spiral cut tubing - nylon is self-extinguishing and does not produce any toxic or irritating byproducts, even when exposed to an open flame or excessive operating temperatures. recommended for use in enclosed environments where the possibility of fire exists, this material is also lightweight, highly abrasion-resistant and operates over a wide temperature range. also available in black for outdoor use.
  • tfe teflon spiral cut tubing - features the widest operating temperature range of any material and can be used from -450° f to +500° f. chemically inert and non-flammable, it is also available in black and a wide selection of colors.
  • features and benefits of spiral cut tubing - cable wrap

  • commonly used for wrapping wires in electrical equipment, military equipment, aircraft, and industrial machinery.
  • bundles wires, cables, hoses, and tubing firmly but allows flexibility
  • functional and decorative, it wraps on like tape and can be reused quickly and simply
  • permits breakouts in any orientation and it is easy to route or reroute
  • resists abrasion, dampens vibration, organizes, and insulates
  • clamps bundles to standoffs and robotic components
  • available in colors for special identification requirements
  • can be supplied forward cut and reverse cut
  • (spiral wrap tubing) spiral cut tubing - cable wrap

    sizes & specifications:
    polyethylene spiral cut tube
    nylon spiral cut tube
    teflon tfe spiral cut tube
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