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semicon process equipment (3559-sp)

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semicon process equipment (3559-sp)

overview of semicon process equipment (3559-sp)

— companies in the semicon process equipment industry make wafer processing equipment, semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment, and other machinery used to produce semiconductors. major companies include applied materials, ebara, lam research, veeco instruments, strasbaugh, asml holding, hitachi high-technologies and tokyo electron. major products include etching and micro-lithography equipment, thin-layer deposition machinery, ion implant, cmp, pvd, ecd, mbe and other wafer processing equipment, semiconductor assembly and processing machinery.
乐鱼体育平台软件下载 supplies materials used in all phases of semiconductor processing from front to back end, including a full-range of fm4910 compliant materials such as halar®, kynar® pvdf, pfa, fep & pctfe. we also offer materials used for in-chamber parts such as clamp rings, retaining rings and wafer guides including techtron® pps, vespel®, meldin®, peek, celazole®, and others. we are a member of semi and maintain 22 locations in the usa, singapore and taiwan.

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