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power transmission equipment (5089-pt)

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power transmission equipment (5089-pt)

overview of power transmission equipment (5089-pt)

— this industry transmits and distributes electricity from power generators to distribution centers, other electric utilities and final consumers. the transmission system includes lines and transformer stations, while the distribution system consists of lines, poles, meters and wiring that deliver the electricity to final consumers. this industry does not generate electricity. with the widespread establishment of electrical grids, power transmission is usually associated most with electric power transmission. alternating current is normally preferred as its voltage may be easily stepped up by a transformer in order to minimize resistive loss in the conductors used to transmit power over great distances; another set of transformers is required to step it back down to safer or more usable voltage levels at destination. power transmission is usually performed with overhead lines as this is the most economical way to do so. underground transmission by high-voltage cables is chosen in crowded urban areas and in high-voltage direct-current (hvdc) submarine connections.

乐鱼体育平台软件下载 supplies and fabricates a wade range of electrically insulative materials such as; gpo-3, micarta, phenolic, g-7, g-10, glastherm®, nomex®, fishpaper (vulcanized fibre), and silicone-glass insulation sleeving.

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