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power distribution & switchgear (3613-pd)

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power distribution & switchgear (3613-pd)

overview of power distribution & switchgear (3613-pd)

— power distribution, switchgear & electrical supply - in an electric power system, switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. switchgear is used both to de-energize equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream. this type of equipment is directly linked to the reliability of the electricity supply. high-voltage switchgear is used for operating motors and other electric machines. the technology has been improved over time and can now be used with voltages up to 1,100 kv.

electrical switchgear components are made from high temperature insulation materials such as; gpo-3,g-10/fr4,g-11, &nomex®. these components range from arc chutes for circuit breakers to barriers and mounts for switchgear. high temperature insulation materials are essential in controlling electrical arcs in high speed train systems, modern aircraft and nuclear power stations. components made from our materials include; baffle insulation, bushing insulation, bus bar insulation, bus bar supports, insulating angles, insulating channels, terminal boards, interphase insulation, phase barriers, insulating washers, insulating nuts, insulating tubes, and gaskets. this channel segment also includes companies that manufacture, service, and refurbish transformers, high-voltage systems and electromagnetic components. customers in this channel also include residential and commercial electrical contractors.

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