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pfa 450 hp sheets and rods

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    minimum order: $25 usa, $150 canada/mexico/pr/vi, $250 international
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overview of pfa 450 hp sheets and rods

pfa 450 hp fluoropolymer is a special purpose resin available in clear, 2.5-mm (0.1-in.) pellets. this resin is a chemically modified form of pfa 350 that combines many of the benefits of the parent resin with several new ones. the additional benefits may include enhanced purity, improved thermal stability while processing and chemical inertness, for example, to ozonated fluids. similar to pfa 350, this resin has a relatively low flow rate, long flex life, and enhanced resistance to environmental stress cracking compared with most other grades of pfa.

the enhanced purity of pfa 450 hp makes it suitable for applications that require improved color, lower extractable fluorides, and freedom from other foreign materials. this product contains no additives and is designed for hostile chemical environments where purity in the parts-per-billion range is needed. examples are in semiconductor manufacture, fluid handling systems for industry or life sciences, and instrumentation for precise measurements of fluid systems. pfa 450 hp is preferred when extended service is required in hostile environments involving chemical, thermal, and mechanical stress.

the improved thermal stability of pfa 450 hp results in reduced amounts of bubbles in final parts and decreased corrosion of processing equipment. pfa 450 hp combines the processing ease of conventional thermoplastics with properties similar to those of polytetrafluoroethylene.

features and benefits of pfa 450 hp sheets and rods

in a flame situation, products made of pfa 450 hp resist ignition and do not themselves promote flame spread. when ignited by flame from other sources, their contribution of heat is very small and added at a slow rate with very little smoke.
(pfa 450 hp sht-rod) pfa 450 hp sheets and rods

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