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petrochemical - refining (2910-pr)

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petrochemical - refining (2910-pr)

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— before petroleum can be used, it is sent to a refinery where it is physically, thermally and chemically separated into fractions and then converted into finished products. about 90% of these products are fuels such as gasoline, aviation fuels, distillate and residual oil, liquified petroleum gas (lpg), coke (similar to coal) and kerosene. refineries also produce non-fuel products, including petrochemicals, asphalt, road oil, lubricants, solvents and wax. petrochemicals (ethylene, propylene, benzene and others) are shipped to chemical plants, where they are used to manufacture chemicals and plastics. processing units in a refinery include: crude oil distillation, vacuum distillation, naphtha hydrotreater, catalytic reforming, alkylation, isomerization, distillate hydrotreater, merox, amine gas treater, claus unit,fluid catalytic cracking, hydrocracker, visbreaker, delayed coking and fluid coker units.

乐鱼体育平台软件下载 offers a full range of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, films and finished parts used in the handling, processing and refining of petroleum products. typical parts include seals, valve, pistons, gaskets, hose, and linings.

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