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peek adhesive tape

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overview of peek adhesive tape

peek tape with adhesive backing - peek adhesive tape, is a super-tough material providing the best combination of friction and wear properties combined with high temperature resistance,chemical resistance and excellent electrical insulation. it is ideal for use in a broad range of applications including gaskets, aerospace components, high performance labels, solder masking, oil field equipment, semiconductor processing equipment and more. peek tape provides engineers and designers with an excellent alternative to both ptfe (polytetrafluoroethylene) and pi (polyimide) tape. when compared to ptfe tape, victrex peek tape exhibits much higher tensile strength, is a tougher, stronger material with better wear performance in aggressiveconditions, and has a lower density. when compared to pi tape, victrex peek tape has lower moisture absorption, better performance in strong alkaline environments, and higher tear strength. peek tape can withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 220°c (428°f) and even higher temperatures for short durations. it resists wear over a wide range of pressure, velocity, temperature and counterfacial roughness. hydrolytically stable, peek tape maintains its electrical properties over a wide frequency and temperature range, and can withstand over 109 rads of radiation exposure without embrittlement. in addition, it has excellent chemical resistance to solvents, acids, bases, fuels, and hydrocarbons even at elevated temperatures. peek tape is able to meet a variety of aerospace, automotive, food/water, medical/pharmaceutical, and military/nuclear approvals and standards.
  • all sizes are stated in inches, unless otherwise specified as feet (ft)
  • features and benefits of peek adhesive tape

    advantages of peek tape:
  • extremely high temperature resistance and continuous use temperature • excellent flexural and tensile properties • good abrasion and rain erosion resistance • excellent chemical resistance • excellent electrical properties • excellent electrical properties • extremely low permeability • adhesive resists humidity & harsh chemicals • extremely low permeability• excellent linear bearing matl • psa allows for ease of application & positioning • available in cut rolls, strips, shapes, die cut pieces, sheets
    applications for peek tape:
  • • automotive gaskets • aircraft interiors • helicopter rotor blades (leading edge) • transformer slot liners • copy machine components • hot melt adhesives • reed fuel valves • disk polishing carriers • linear sliding bearing material • possible alternative to polyimide (kapton) tape • abrasion resistant wire wrap • oil field equipment (down-hole)
  • (peek tape w/adhesive) peek adhesive tape

    properties of peek tape

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