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mylar® polyester film (pet film)

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overview of mylar® polyester film (pet film)

mylar® film sheet (polyester film - pet film) exhibits superior strength, heat resistance, and excellent insulating properties. the unique qualities of mylar® film (pet film) created new consumer markets in magnetic audio and video tape, capacitor dielectrics, packaging, and batteries. sizes are expressed in inches unless otherwise specified in feet (ft) or yards (yds)
clear mylar film (type d) may be used for low-cost disposable medical 世界杯预选赛附加赛赛程时间表 (splatter shields) during the covid 19 outbreak (use .007", .010" or .014" thickness)
  • the us government is encouraging individuals to produce ppe (personal protective equipment) items to meet the needs of the medical community.

    mylar® film sheet is available in two standard types:
    mylar® d (clear is standard) is a clear, brilliant film which is surface treated on both sides to give superior slip characteristics & excellent handling properties
  • applications: archival, graphics, safety film, decorating for laminates, report covers, microfilm, layout base, membrane switches, protective glazing, labels, overhead transparancies, stationery supplies, graphic arts
  • pre-treatment: slip treated
  • approvals: approved by the us library of congress for archival and conservation applications
  • note: mylar d is also available in black color

    mylar® a (frosted, milky white translucent) (aka electrical grade mylar) polyester film is a flexible strong and durable film with an unusual balance of properties. it is a translucent film. because it contains no plasticizers it does not become brittle with age under normal conditions.
  • applications: it is used for release applications, office supplies, electrical insulation and industrial laminations with other flexible materials.
  • pre-treatment - no pre-treatment

  • for thicknesses greater than .014", see .020"+ thick pet film & sheet
  • features and benefits of mylar® polyester film (pet film)

    mylar film sheet (polyester film - pet film) provides:
  • dimensional stability, lays flat, chemical resistant, consistent color, good clarity, non-yellowing, non-tearing, heat resistant to 230 degrees c, electrical resistance
    available mylar d finishes & colors:
  • clear, hazy, matte, prepared (gel coated), pressure sensitive, metalized, black, transparent blue, and custom colors
  • mylar a is a frosted, milky white translucent color - no special finishes.
  • gauges: .001", .002", .003", .004", .005", .007", .010", .014"
  • for thicknesses greater than .014", see .020"+ thick pet film & sheet
  • available treatments: slip, print, anti-stat, silicone
  • note: all sizes below are stated in inches unless otherwise noted.
  • mylar® is a dupont brand name for polyester films in various grades.
    clear mylar film (type d) may be used for low-cost disposable medical 世界杯预选赛附加赛赛程时间表 (splatter shields) during the covid 19 outbreak (use 0.014" thickness)
  • (mylar) mylar® polyester film (pet film)

  • mylar d data sheet
  • mylar a data sheet
  • .020"+ pet film & sheet

    used for ppe 世界杯赛程表时间
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    customer reviews — mylar® polyester film (pet film)
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    joseph said..
    valparaiso, in

    bought this mylar polyester film to use as a water shield on the doors of my classic car . it was very easy to cut and due to the sheet size i bought was able to make it larger for added protection. i used .014 thick and used 3m adhesive to attached it to the doors . due to to thickness i bought it can be removed over and over again and reinstalled without damage. i'm very satisfied with it product and would highly recommend it to anyone using it as such. it also comes in different thicknesses to suit your taste..

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