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fluid handling & chemical delivery (2819-hf)

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fluid handling & chemical delivery (2819-hf)

overview of fluid handling & chemical delivery (2819-hf)

— high-purity fluid handling & chemical delivery systems utilize a variety of corrosion resistance plastics capable of withstanding wide temperature ranges and environmental exposure without degradation, cracking, or other stress-induced breakdown. these materials must provide long-term service with minimal outgassing. we offer high purity fluid handling products and engineered fabricated solutions including ptfe, fep, pfa, kynar® pvdf, peek, and tygon® tubing, as well as, the ability to manufacture plastic components for valves, stems, fittings, spray devices, levels, floats, switches and actuators.

乐鱼体育平台软件下载 provides a full-range of plastic materials in sheets, rods, tubing and fabricated parts used in high-purity applications in the semiconductor, medical, and chemical processing industries. with the assistance of our world-class supply partners we can provide the necessary technical support, and documentation necessary to solve your design & safety challenges.

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