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hardware - power tools & hand tools (3423-ht)

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hardware - power tools & hand tools (3423-ht)

overview of hardware - power tools & hand tools (3423-ht)

— companies in this market segment manufacture various portable hardware and hand tools. these tools may either be powered, or non-powered hand tools. all tools in this category are classified as portable.

a hand toolis classified as any tool that is powered by hand rather than a motor. categories of hand tools include wrenches, pliers, cutters, files, striking tools, struck or hammered tools, screwdrivers, vises, clamps, snips, saws, drills and knives. outdoor tools such as garden forks, pruning shears, and rakes are additional forms of hand tools.

a power toolis a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labor used with hand tools. the most common types of power tools use electric motors. internal combustion engines and compressed air (pneumatically-powered) are also commonly used. power tools are used in industry, in construction, in the garden, for housework tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and around the house for purposes of driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating and more. power tools are classified as either stationary or portable, where portable means hand-held. portable power tools have obvious advantages in mobility.

for stationary tools see: machine toolsor other types of machinery

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