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gpo-3 angle

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overview of gpo-3 angle

gpo-3 angle is available in equal leg angle, and unequal leg angle. gpo-3 performs well in electrical applications that require high arc and carbon track resistance as well as flame resistance, physical strength, and moderate heat resistance. grade gpo-3 laminate is used extensively in the making of phase and end barriers, insulating supports, bus bar supports and mounting panels in switchgear and other types of electrical apparatus. grade gpo-3 s a ul recognized product with a temperature index of 120 degrees celsius electrical and 140 degrees celsius mechanical. in addition to outstanding electrical properties, these gpo3 angles have a high strength-to-weight ratio, and are ul recognized and flame, arc and track resistant.

features and benefits of gpo-3 angle

gpo-3 angle pultruded channels and angles are similar in material construction to the grade utr flame and track resistant laminates. a small amount of continuous glass roving is added to aid in pultrusion processing. these high-strength pultruded shapes have a wide variety of uses in both electrical and non-electrical applications. they are arc and track resistant and have a ul94 rating of v0. these versatile gpo-3 shapes are easily machined to fit a variety of needs in electrical design and construction. they are readily available in a variety of profile sizes and lengths.
(gpo-3 angle) gpo-3 angle

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jerome said..
austin, tx

very good prices and wide selection of materials. greatly appreciated is no charge for simple cuts.

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