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gas turbines (3511-gt)

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gas turbines (3511-gt)

overview of gas turbines (3511-gt)

— a gas turbine, also called a combustion turbine, is a type of internal combustion engine. it has an upstream rotating compressor coupled to a downstream turbine, and a combustion chamber in between. the basic operation of the gas turbine is similar to that of the steam power plant except that air is used instead of water. fresh atmospheric air flows through a compressor that brings it to higher pressure. energy is then added by spraying fuel into the air and igniting it so the combustion generates a high-temperature flow. this high-temperature high-pressure gas enters a turbine, where it expands down to the exhaust pressure, producing a shaft work output in the process. the turbine shaft work is used to drive the compressor and other devices such as an electric generator that may be coupled to the shaft. the energy that is not used for shaft work comes out in the exhaust gases, so these have either a high temperature or a high velocity. the purpose of the gas turbine determines the design so that the most desirable energy form is maximized. gas turbines are used to power aircraft, trains, ships, electrical generators, and tanks

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