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cpvc white (pvc-c) fm4910

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overview of cpvc white (pvc-c) fm4910

flametec™ cleanroom pvc-c (cpvc) is a cpvc-based resin in ultra white color for the semiconductor industry. this ultra-white cleanroom pvc-c sheet material is designed to be the most economical choice in fm 4910 materials. vycom's cleanroom pvc-c has been audited and tested in accordance with the fm 4910 protocol. it meets the test criteria with an fpi of 2 (limit of 6 max) and an sdi of 0.1 ( 0.4 max). pvc-c is fm listed at .250" thickness and above. pvc-c (cpvc) based sheet is available in 48" x 96" sheets in gauges of 1/8" through 1" and meets the demand for aesthetics and functionality in clean room wet process equipment . fm4910 rating is only for thicknesses of .250" and above.

features and benefits of cpvc white (pvc-c) fm4910

features of flametec™ pvc-c - white fm4910 cpvc:
factory mutual - fm 4910 compliant at thickness of .250" and above
economics - the most economical sheet available for fm 4910 listed products.
weldability - easy to fabricate with conventional welding equipment.
strength - superior physical characteristics to handle structural applications, inserts, machining, etc.
compatibility - completely compatible with fm4910 cpvc systems and a broad range of semiconductor chemistry.
fire safe - listed in accordance to fm 4910 fire safe materials for clean room construction ji 3010757.
extruded sheet - extruded sheet offers the best surface quality and gauge consistency.
stocked in usa, singapore & taiwan warehouses
we also offer white cpvc (pvc-c) welding rods that meet fm4910 criteria

cleanroom pvc-c history
in 2000, a product known as corzan® 4910 (white 120) was introduced to the market. it was a creamy white color, and for descriptive purposes was an off-white color. it was distinctive in the fact that it was not a similar white to polypropylene, which was widely used prior to the introduction of the fm4910 protocol.

lubrizol advanced materials (formerly noveon) supplied vycom plastics the compound for the manufacture of rigid sheet which is sold to the semiconductor industry.

in 2003, lubrizol introduced corzan 4911 (white 140), also referred to by g2 (by the compounder) and the name cleanroom pvc-c by vycom plastics. this product, too, is fm4910 listed and approved. lubrizol (noveon) held the listing for the resin and vycom holds the listing for the finished sheet.

there were several reasons behind the introduction of this second generation product. we were asked to produce a material that was whiter, moving toward something that was similar in color to the"refrigerator white" polypropylene that was used in wet bench construction. in addition, an easier processing material, both from the extrusion and the fabrication standpoint, was requested. as cleanroom pvc-c continued to gain acceptance, a decision was made to discontinue the production of the original corzan 4910 (white 120) material.

a decision was made in approximately 2005 to discontinue the production of the corzan 4910 (white 120) compound. in light of the fact that there we many tools that had been produced with the original creamy white material, lubrizol decided to offer a similar colored product for those applications which required the original creamy white color. due to the fact that the call for this product was limited, we needed to require minimum order quantities for this special product.

several key customers, including applied materials, required more detail about the materials, the colors, and how specifications would be affected by the cleanroom pvc-c product replacing corzan 4910. in the world of "copy exact" this presented problems and confusion for tool fabricators and design engineers at applied. in order to accommodate the market, lubrizol introduced the corzan 4911 (white 120), which was the creamy white version of the cleanroom pvc-c.

in 2013, lubrizol decided they no longer wished to participate in the fm 4910 market. they licensed their formulations to polyone corporation, whom vycom is currently getting their compound from.

the following is a basic timeline of what has taken place:
1. 2000: corzan 4910 (white 120) introduced; off-white / creamy in color
2. 2003 (approx): corzan 4911 (white 140) ΓÇÉ aka cleanroom pvc-c was introduced; bright white in color
3. 2005 (approx): corzan 4910 (white 120) product is made obsolete
4. 2006 (approx): corzan 4911 (white 120) is introduced; an off-white / creamy white version of cleanroom pvc-c is formulated.
5. 2013: lubrizol licenses polyone to formulate fm 4910 compound for vycom
(cpvc fm4910corzang2) cpvc white (pvc-c) fm4910

flametec pvc-c datasheet

scroll down to read product history related to corzan®: g2 resin
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