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fire extinguisher cabinets (3569-fe)

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fire extinguisher cabinets (3569-fe)

overview of fire extinguisher cabinets (3569-fe)

— fire extinguisher cabinet manufacturers typically produce many types and sizes of cabinets, access panels, roof hatches, smoke vents, and floor doors. these cabinets are pre-fabricated and installed onsite in restaurants, office and residential buildings, malls and other public buildings. the cabinet itself may be thermoformed from an impact and flame-resistant plastic such as kydex®, boltaron® or fr abs sheet, while the window on the door is often made from a clear, easy-to-break glazing material such as a thin sheet of acrylic/plexiglass. in other cases, such as prisons, jails, and holding areas, the door must remain secure, therefore it may be produced from a stronger material such as polycarbonate (makrolon® or lexan®). 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 offers a full range of materials used in the production of fire extinguisher cabinets and accessories. these products are available in full-sheets, cut-to-size panels, cnc routed parts, and thermoformed parts to customer specifications.

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