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film & television studios & set production (5043-st)

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film & television studios & set production (5043-st)

overview of film & television studios & set production (5043-st)

— film & television studios, set & stage production for theaters & events (5043-st) 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 offers a wide range of materials used in the construction of film and television sets, and live stage environments such as theaters & event stages. we offer materials used for lighting, backdrops, signage and construction. many of these materials are lightweight, and/or impact-resistant allowing safe and easy movement for set changes. we offer plastic materials used for faux-backdrops, lighting, glazing & furniture.

through our sister company planet plastics, inc. we've also produced custom fabricated acrylic pieces used in television shows such as tanked and hollywood films such as jurassic world, oblivion, and others. we offer more than 100 different decorative materials in a wide of colors and types including; acrylic / plexiglass, mirror, komatex™, komacel™ coroplast™ styrene, polycarbonate, and more. 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 has 22 locations worldwide including large stocking and fabrication facilities near los angeles, chicago, dallas & new york.

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