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glasrod® fiberglass hir rod & shapes

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overview of glasrod® fiberglass hir rod & shapes

glasrod® fiberglass solid rod and bar products are widely used in electrical, industrial, and construction applications. shapes include round bar, square bar, rectuangular bar, a shape & dog bone.

glasrod® products are available in 3 basic grades:
  • mts (red color) - most economical for electrical applications. 155° c performance, 50,000 psi tensile strength, 80,000 psi flexural strength.
    - available in retangle, square a & dog bone shapes
  • sg200 (tan color) - highest temp (210° c), excellent thermal endurance.
    - available in retangle, square a & dog bone shapes
  • hir(mint green color) - highest physical properties. excellent electrical properties. 200° c thermal performance. dimensional stability and 100,000 psi flexular strength.
  • features and benefits of glasrod® fiberglass hir rod & shapes

    glasrod® applications include:
  • transformer spacer sticks, operating rods, strain insulators, tension members, tent poles, tool handles, hand rails, sports equipment, fence posts, agricultural pens, antenna guys, conduit snakes, standoff insulators, & structural supports
  • (fiberglass rods-bars) glasrod® fiberglass hir rod & shapes
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