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electric motor manufacturing & repair (5088-er)

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electric motor manufacturing & repair (5088-er)

overview of electric motor manufacturing & repair (5088-er)

— electric motor manufacturing, repair & rewinding - this industry includes manufacturers of precision electric motors, including custom designed ac, synchronous, stepper, permanent magnet ac & dc, hvac, timing, permanent magnet motors, include 3-phase, permanent split, wound dc, shaded pole, c-frame shaded pole, split phase, unit bearing and general purpose motors. motor rewinding and repair services including electrical motor rewinding and repair services. all types of electrical motors such as ac motors, dc motors, frictional power motors and spindle motors can be rewound and repaired. electric motors are relatively simple mechanical devices, but rewinding the coils on a dc motor is a precise task that should only be undertaken by those who with experience in mechanical or electrical repair. a mistake or poorly-performed rewind job will result in a motor that doesn't work. thus industry may also include manufacturers of copper shapes used as contact backings for electrical switch products, copper rotor bar & commutator sections for motor production & rebuilding, as well as, standard & special shaped bus bar products.

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