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diversified manufacturing (3900-dm)

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diversified manufacturing (3900-dm)

overview of diversified manufacturing (3900-dm)

— diversified manufacturers are typically large multinational companies involved in a wide range of industries and unrelated market segments. diversified manufacturing companies are involved in nearly all durable goods manufacturing industries and a number of non-durable goods industries. one of the benefits of being a diversified company is that it buffers a company from dramatic fluctuations in any one industry sector. primary industries include; chemicals and plastics - electronics, communication equipment - medical equipment/technology and devices - metals/metal fabrication, non-metallic products - specialty printing and packaging design and manufacturing - bio-medical, pharmaceuticals - vehicle and vehicle equipment - food processing - supply chain and logistics services. these large diversified manufacturers are often referred to as conglomerates. by definition, a conglomerate is the combination of two or more corporations engaged in entirely different businesses that fall under one corporate group, usually involving a parent company and many subsidiaries the large multinational diversified companies include; 3m, itt, ge, dow, eaton, honeywell, raytheon, koch industries, berkshire hathaway, bayer, siemens, alstrom, abb, unilever, asahi, mitsubishi, hitachi, hyundai, and others. as a 世界杯预选赛在线直播 of more than 1,000 different plastics, composites, laminates, ceramics, and specialty alloys with locations throughout the usa & asia, 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 is well-suited to serve these diversified manufacturing companies.

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