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disk drives (3572-dd)

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disk drives (3572-dd)

overview of disk drives (3572-dd)

— disk storage is a general category of storage mechanisms where data are recorded by various electronic, magnetic, optical, or mechanical changes to a surface layer of one or more rotating disks. a disk drive is a device implementing such a storage mechanism. notable types are the hard disk drive (hdd) containing a non-removable disk, the floppy disk drive (fdd) and its removable floppy disk, and various optical disc drives and associated optical disc media. mechanically there are two different motions occurring inside the drive. one is the rotation of the disks inside the device. the other is the side-to-side motion of the head across the disk as it moves between tracks. track positioning also follows two different methods across disk storage devices. storage devices focused on holding computer data, e.g., hdds, fdds, iomega zip drives, use concentric tracks to store data. 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 offers a variety of materials used for critical components in the disk drive manufacturing process. these include various esd materials such as pom sd (acetal sd), semitron®, and static dissipative acrylic and polycarbonate for windows on the production line. these include pc300 and pc350 esd polycarbonate; and ac300 and ac350 esd acrylic. we also offer materials such as peek, ultem®, torlon®, vespel® and meldin®.

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