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countertops & cut stone - granite, marble (1799-ct)

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countertops & cut stone - granite, marble (1799-ct)

overview of countertops & cut stone - granite, marble (1799-ct)

— counter top installation & cut stone products - the secret to a good countertop installation is preparation - and installing a countertop involves a lot more than considering which materials to use. counter installation is one of the last things to happen in your kitchen or bath renovation. before your installer shows up to template, all cabinets must be permanently installed - nothing can move between template and install. before you start with any kind of installation, make a complete drawing of the countertops. remember to include the countertop overhang, cutout dimensions, backsplashes, seam location and a finished edge along all visible edges. templates and stencils can be made from strips of high-impact polystyrene or fluted polypropylene sheets and a hot glue gun or quick dry solvent to form rectangles that fit the spaces in your kitchen. these plastic templates are also easy to mark with a sharpie or other ink pens, and in thin sheets, are easily cut with a utility knife. if you want to reuse the strips, erase the writing with de-natured alcohol. these template/stencils are used to create final layouts before cutting the actual countertops from granite, marble, corian®, formica or other materials. fluted polypropylene (aka coroplast®) sheet has the added advantage of greater rigidity than high-impact styrene. when you're done, simply score the sheet and fold it up as small as you need it. it can be used in sheet form or cut into 3 strips and used like luan plywood.

this market segment also includes companies involved in stone cutting an fabrication of decorative or functional granite, marble and quartz products including memorials, statues and monuments found at cemeteries, and public places.

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