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ceramic production & machining - industrial - technical (3264-tc)

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ceramic production & machining - industrial - technical (3264-tc)

overview of ceramic production & machining - industrial - technical (3264-tc)

— technical ceramic production & machining - technical ceramics can be classified into three distinct material categories:
oxides:alumina, beryllia, ceria, zirconia
nonoxides:carbide, boride, nitride, silicide
composite materials:particulate reinforced, fiber reinforced, combinations of oxides and nonoxides.

technical ceramics, also known as engineering, advanced, special, and fine ceramics are used to create components such as: gas burner nozzles, ballistic protection, nuclear fuel uranium oxide pellets, biomedical implants, coatings of jet engine turbine blades, ceramic disk brakes, missile nose cones, mechanical bearings, and insulating components such as tiles used in the space shuttle program. machinable ceramics are easily produced using conventional machine tools. these ceramics can be sawn, drilled, milled and turned with conventional tools, available in all general mechanical workshops. specialist machinable ceramics can be used to create small parts as well as validation prototypes.

乐鱼体育平台软件下载 offers dozens of high-performance technical ceramics including; macor®, mycalex®, boron-nitride, and many more. materials are stocked at our 22 locations in the usa, singapore & taiwan. we offer both basic shapes and cnc machined ceramic components.

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