Understanding ED Causes and Treatment

April 27, 2017

Difficulty getting an erection is just one of the issues men with erectile dysfunction face. Men may also experience a lack of desire, stress, anxiety, a lack of satisfaction, and other sexual performance problems. The first step in finding an effective natural solution to improve erections and enjoy a satisfying sexual experience is to learn about ED causes and treatment options.

What causes ED? This question is often asked by men when they begin to experience difficulty with erection quality or sexual performance. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction include trouble getting erections, weak erections, or erections that start off good, but fade quickly. Men may also experience trouble related to orgasms, such as an inability to have an orgasm, premature ejaculation, or weak orgasms.

Finding Appropriate Treatment

There are several factors that can contribute to ED problems & help for men that solve the underlying issues causing the problem. The contributing factors of erectile dysfunction can include physical conditions, psychological problems, and lifestyle choices that disrupt the natural mechanisms that are needed to generate healthy erections and allow men to experience a satisfying sexual experience.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction can include cardiovascular disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes, obesity, and other health conditions. If your doctor has prescribed medication to treat a health condition and you began to experience problems in the bedroom after taking it, check with your doctor or pharmacist. Some prescription drugs can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Another physical cause of ED is related to low hormone levels. The hormone testosterone is produced in large quantities, beginning in puberty. The hormone is responsible for physical changes during adolescence and plays an important role in sexual health. After age 30, the hormone begins a gradual decline. The incidence of erectile problems often coincides with this decrease in testosterone production.

Emotional, such as extreme stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems can contribute to ED and sexual performance problems. In fact, when men feel severe stress or anxiety after a poor experience in the bedroom, it can actually cause future problems with sexual performance. This can create a cycle that exacerbates both emotional stress and problems with erection quality and sexual performance.

Science has shown that lifestyle choices affect health, either contributing to good health or sickness. These choices can affect your sexual heath, as well as general health. Some lifestyle choices that can contribute to erection problems include an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs. These factors can slow blood flow, which makes less blood available to fill the erectile chambers and create an erection.

An effective natural male ED treatment plan should include making healthy lifestyle changes, addressing any medical or psychological concerns, and a quality natural supplement for ED treatment. Maxis10 is a natural male enhancement product that contains natural ingredients to address several of the causes of sexual performance and ED issues. The supplement helps improve erection size and quality, increase desire, and promote prostate health.