Safe Methods for Increasing Size

April 27, 2017

Make my penis bigger is a common desire among men seeking male enhancement products. The problem and goals vary among men. Whether the individual has a smaller than average size penis or weak erections, penis enhancement pills can produce larger and stronger erections. The trick is to separate the products that work from those providing nothing more than empty promises.

Whether you decide to try medical or natural solutions to achieve a larger & longer penis size, it is important for you to take the time to fully research your options. Always consider the safety of any method and the effectiveness, including how well the product works in the short and long term, results other men have achieved, and any possible side effects that are associated with the treatment.

Medical, Surgical, and Natural Male Enhancement

Surgical treatments for men with smaller penises and weak erections involve placing implants into the penis. Inflatable rods are surgically placed into the penis and men are able to inflate these rods when they want to create an erection. While surgical implants do create larger and stronger erections, men often prefer to avoid surgery. The risks for surgical procedures include the possibility of infection, blood loss, and trauma, which may cause temporary or permanent impairment.

Mechanical devices are sold to increase erection size and duration. The most common are mechanical pumps. The procedure involves placing the pump over the penis, which brings more blood flow into the erectile chambers. A ring placed around the base of the penis is used to hold blood into the area. This ring is worn during sexual activity and removed after. Results vary among men and the biggest complaint is discomfort.

Prescription drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, are offered by doctors to help men increase erection size and quality. In order to get a prescription, a visit to the doctor is required. The pills produce results for men with ED, but they can cause side effects that range from mild to quite serious. The side effects of prescription drugs include headaches, dizziness, digestive problems, facial flushing, and prolonged erections that won’t go away.

 Natural Supplements for Penis Enlargement

Natural pills for penis enhancement are safer than prescription drugs, mechanical devices, and surgical procedures. The results offered by natural supplements vary widely and the number of products that are created for this purpose can make selecting a pill confusing. Prior to purchasing any pill, you should always look for evidence that the product you are buying is safe and effective.

How well does the product work for other men? Clinical studies, independent reviews, and product ratings from men that have used a product offer a reliable method of discerning effectiveness for any product. Maxis10 penis enlargement pills are highly rated in unbiased product reviews and among users. Men using this product have reported impressive results for erection size, quality, and sexual performance.

When making an informed decision regarding treatment for weak erections, consider the ingredients that are contained in the product. Maxis10 contains ingredients that include natural herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, and amino acids that are well known for their ability to increase the size and quality of erections and boost performance.