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bearings - linear motion - rotational motion (3562-lm)

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bearings - linear motion - rotational motion (3562-lm)

overview of bearings - linear motion - rotational motion (3562-lm)

— a bearing or bushing can be used for linear or rotational motion. while most bearings and bushings are designed for only one type of motion, there are some parts that can combine both. linear motion and linear postioning systems with travel lengths and carriage forces are designed to accommodate a broad range of application needs. linear bearings, sometimes called track runner bearings, are part of a system suitable for use in precision linear motion applications, such as in printing machines and computer numerical control (cnc) equipment. other system components include glide shafts, support rails, and glide blocks. a linear bearing may have different types of rolling elements, such as for linear ball bearings and linear roller bearings. in corrosive environments, torlon® roller bearings resist corrosion and wear for long life. when choosing a linear bearing, consider the environment in which the linear motion system operates, as well as the axial and radial loads the system carries. by utilizing wear-resistant engineering plastics to replace metals, the use of oil seals and lubrication systems may be eliminated in some cases.

materials such as turcite® are commonly used on anti-backlash lead screws. other wear-resistant bearing materials include; delrin® af, nylatron®, torlon® 4301, vespel®, rulon®, & more. there are three types of linear actuators used in manufacturing: hydraulic, pneumatic, and electro-mechanical. hydraulic actuators are primarily used for moving very heavy loads, in the same way, that large construction equipment often operates off of hydraulic pressure. pneumatic actuators, by comparison, are good for extremely fast applications, where the lightweight components and low friction mean heat increases are minimal.

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