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aquariums, zoos, animal enclosures & products (8422-aq)

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aquariums, zoos, animal enclosures & products (8422-aq)

overview of aquariums, zoos, animal enclosures & products (8422-aq)

— this industry includes manufacturers of custom acrylic aquariums, terrariums and large see-thru animal enclosures for residential, commercial and industrial use. acrylic has many advantages over glass and fiberglass, especially when it comes to customization. acrylic is much stronger than glass, therefore it takes a fraction of the amount of acrylic to hold the same amount of water as an all-glass tank. acrylic tanks also have a distinct weight advantage over glass tanks, which may weigh up to 9 times more than an acrylic tank of the same volume. the plastic-like qualities of acrylic allow designers to create fish tanks in nearly any shape and size. since it melts at a much lower temperature than glass, acrylic can be formed and shaped in customized ways that glass cannot. for superior impact-resistance needed for some animal enclosures, also consider polycarbonate sheet, which provides greater impact and scratch-resistance while maintaining 86% light transmission.

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