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aircraft refurbishment - airlines (1799-ar)

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aircraft refurbishment - airlines (1799-ar)

overview of aircraft refurbishment - airlines (1799-ar)

— most major commercial airlines have their own in-house refurbishment facilities for routine maintenance and overhaul of aging aircraft. depending on the level of overhaul, the aircraft may be completed stripped down to a shell, and the entire aircraft may be refurbished and major systems may be replaced and updated including the flight controls, landing gear, electrical system, bleed system, hydraulics, avionics system, oxygen, fuel, electrical power, navigation, communications, ice protection (anti-icing and deicing), cooling system, instrumentation and recording, fire protection, and safety systems. during this process, the interior of the aircraft may be completely replaced including new seating, bulkheads, bins, carpeting, windows, and lavatories. 乐鱼体育平台软件下载 offers a full-range of materials used in the aircraft refurbishment process including prolens® aircraft window liners and promirror® lavatory mirror material.

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