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acetal / delrin®

overview of acetal / delrin®

— homopolymer acetal (delrin®) and copolymer acetal (acetron®, celcon®, and ultraform®) are similar enough that both products are still considered acetals; however, there are some minor differences. the strength and stiffness of unfilled homopolymer acetal (delrin) is approximately 15% greater than the copolymer acetals while copolymer acetals exhibit substantially greater resistance to hydrolysis (degradation by hot water) and better dimensional stability, especially after prolonged exposure. generally, the machinability of both acetal products is extremely good. the primary difference is that acetal homopolymer (delrin®) is more susceptible to centerline porosity, especially in larger rods and plates, while acetal copolymer contains no centerline porosity. any isolated pores are less than 25 microns in diameter.

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